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Support Groups

Support groups provide emotional and moral support to help individuals cope with the stress of illness. Many patients find that support groups offer a safe haven where they can share their feelings with others facing similar challenges. Group leaders facilitate a safe, supportive environment for those seeking assistance. Various groups meet on topics including cancer, parenting, diabetes, caregiving and other health concerns. 

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Smoking Cessation

Smoking is a difficult habit to break. Good Samaritan, in conjunction with the Long Island Health Network, would like to provide you with the following information to help you succeed in quitting the habit.

Learn to be Tobacco-Free is a six week smoking cessation class that is sponsored by the Suffolk County Department of Health Services at Good Samaritan Hospital. The class provides stress management techniques, behavior modification, relaxation techniques and optional smoking cessation medication for a nominal fee. These classes are only offered a few times during the year.

Breast Cancer Support Groups

  • For Breast Cancer Patients
  • For Family and Friends
  • "Look Good...Feel Better"

Cancer Support Groups 

  • For Cancer Patients

The diagnosis of cancer is a major, life‑changing event. Upon hearing the word "cancer," patients and their loved ones are thrown into a whirlwind of emotions, ranging from fear and anger to denial or overwhelming sadness. It is difficult to cope with the physical challenges of cancer and treatment, and the emotional impact can be an even greater burden. At Good Samaritan, support services are run by specially trained professionals in a strictly confidential setting. Honest, compassionate communication among group members helps to reestablish a sense of hope, strength and courage for all involved. For a new member entering the group, the other members provide inspiration and support. Cancer affects everyone involved, and no one should travel this journey alone.

Prostate Cancer Support Group

  • For Prostate Cancer Patients


  • Big Brother/Big Sister Class
  • "Breast-Feeding Your Baby" Course
  • "Caring for Your Baby" Class
  • Caesarean Section Class
  • Early Pregnancy Class
  • Grandparents' Class
  • Infant Massage Course
  • Lamaze Course (First Time Around)
  • Maternity Tours
  • "Getting Acquainted" Visit

Mother's Circle of Hope - A free, 8-week support group meets once a week for women experiencing depression or anxiety related to pregnancy and/or childbirth. 

New Mothers' Support Group - This exciting group provides a special place for new moms to socialize and discuss topics of mutual interest. FREE of charge.

Early Pregnancy Class - You have just learned you are having a baby, and you ask yourself, "What should I do first?" The Early Pregnancy Class at Good Samaritan helps educate expectant couples to better manage their pregnancy and feel more comfortable and secure about their new role in life. The Early Pregnancy Class covers topics such as body changes during pregnancy, fetal growth and development, nutrition for a healthy mother and baby, common tests and procedures, exercise and managing common discomforts. The Early Pregnancy Class helps expectant couples to develop "parenthood awareness" to better adapt to their changing roles—helping fathers understand their important part and teaching mothers to prepare for the new life that is growing inside them.

Call (631) 376-4444 or email for upcoming dates and information on any of these classes. Click here to register.

Additional Support Groups

  • Cardiac Rehabilitation
  • Pulmonary Disease
  • Bariatric/Weight Loss Surgery Support (631) 376-3697
  • Long Island Brain Aneurysm and Stroke Support Group (631) 487-3119
  • Huntington's Disease* (631) 234-0136

*Independently run group not affiliated with Good Samaritan Hospital