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Maternal Fetal Medicine

Each year in Good Samaritan’s BirthPlace, 3,000 infants are welcomed into the world.  A talented group of physicians, nurses and support staff take care of each mother and their newborn’s well being.  Their mission to provide excellent, compassionate care in a family-centered and developmentally supportive environment, without having to travel, remains the foundation of this important department.  There are times when even extra care is needed during some pregnancies.  Good Samaritan’s Center for Maternal Fetal Medicine, part of the hospital’s Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology, offers that extra care by combining high quality medical services with compassion to help ensure the best possible outcome for higher risk pregnant women and their developing babies.

Specialists trained in maternal fetal medicine compliment the care offered by the primary obstetrician by providing consultation, co-management, ultrasounds and prenatal diagnosis and procedures for a variety of conditions.  Conditions may include diabetes, twins, triplets, premature labor, high blood pressure, recurrent pregnancy loss, infectious disease, blood clots, heart disease, kidney and gastrointestinal diseases and other medical disorders complicating pregnancy.  There may also be times where specialized procedures are needed with some higher risk pregnancies.  These procedures are performed by a team including a board certified physician, highly trained OB/GYN nurses, experienced ultrasound technicians and other caring team members.  All collaborate to help ensure a safe and healthy labor and delivery.

Those not experiencing a high risk pregnancy can be comforted by the detailed evaluations of the baby at several points during the pregnancy by Good Samaritan’s experts.  Should a situation arise where a physician specializing in maternal fetal medicine is needed, patients have a local option to receive the expert care they may need.  Good Samaritan’s Center for Maternal Fetal Medicine’s dedicated staff has the knowledge, training and skill to ensure the safety and well being of both mother and baby during this very special time.

For further information, call the Physician and Health Referral Line at (631) 376-4444.