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Child Life Program

The Child Life Program At Good Sam Helps Kids Cope...

When children are in the hospital, they may become anxious about unfamiliar surroundings or unexpected events. The Child Life Program helps children and families cope with a hospital experience.  

Designed for inpatients and outpatients, child life aims to minimize the stress often associated with illness or injury, to enhance normal patterns of living, and to promote the child’s optimum growth and development. Specially trained and certified child life specialists participate on the hospital’s multidisciplinary health care team.  They help children learn about the hospital, provide therapeutic play and help support children through medical procedures and difficult times.

Top 10 Reasons to Ask for Child Life Services

  • Difficulty coping with illness or hospitalization
  • Help explaining an illness/injury in child friendly language
  • Preparation for scheduled procedures/surgeries
  • Procedural support/accompaniment
  • Non pharmacological help with pain and discomfort
  • How to talk to kids about serious illness, death or impending death
  • Medicines/compliance with medical needs
  • Developmental issues and special needs prior to or during scheduled surgery or hospital admission
  • Frequent admissions
  • Sibling issues


What Does a Child Life Specialist Do?

The Child Life Playroom and Garden

Tips for an Inpatient Stay at the Hospital

Helping Kids Cope

A Visit to the Pediatric Emergency Room

Preparation Tips by Developmental Age

Children with Special Needs

Preparation for Surgery 

Helping During Outpatient Procedures

After a Visit to the Hospital


Books and Websites for Kids and Families

Ways to Give and Volunteer