Pediatric Residency Program

Good Samaritan Hospital Medical Center, jointly with Winthrop University Hospital, is proud to offer an outstanding residency program in Pediatrics.  Having both Osteopathic and Allopathic accreditation allows our residents the opportunity to become Board Certified in Pediatrics, by both the AOA and the ACGME. In addition, the ability to apply to and participate in both osteopathic and allopathic fellowship training programs is an option that is available to Good Samaritan's graduates because of this dual accreditation.

The pediatric program is one in which academic balance and exposure to patient care are accomplished in a supportive and caring environment. Hospital residents train in a comfortable and friendly learning environment, working with their colleagues under the direct supervision of attending physicians in primary care pediatrics and various pediatric specialties. The curriculum offers an excellent balance between primary care and the specialty education that graduates need to become successful leaders in caring for pediatric patients.  A number of electives are offered so that individual residents may further explore their own additional areas of interest.

The Medical Center serves a diverse population of patients from across Long Island, allowing trainees a broad exposure to medical as well as cultural diversity.  Good Samaritan's long-term affiliation with the Martin Luther King, Jr., Community Health Center in Wyandanch further enhances a well-organized and devoted team of physician leaders committed to pediatric residents' continuity care experience throughout the three years of training.

Leaders within the Department of Graduate Medical Education, working with individual program directors, continue to improve upon and develop new methods of education.  Mentoring programs across each of the disciplines, in addition to regularly scheduled house staff meetings and conferences, enable open communication, which enhances the training experience.

The residents work under the supervision of private pediatricians as well as with full-time hospital based pediatricians and subspecialists while providing quality patient care. The residency faculty are dedicated teachers who conduct daily teaching rounds, conferences, and other formal and informal academic experiences.   A multitude of electives are offered so that residents may further explore additional areas of interest.

The  pediatric floor is a 26-bed unit with state-of-the-art equipment and technology.  The adjacent Pediatric Intensive Care Unit is where acutely ill patients are managed under the supervision of pediatric intensivists. The clinical experience is further enriched by the dedicated Pediatric Emergency Department that is staffed by pediatric emergency medicine physicians.  Both institutions have a level three NICU, which affords the opportunity to care for the critically ill newborn.

The Martin Luther King, Jr., Community Health Center is the location of our continuity-of-care clinic.  Providing care to an underserved patient population enriches the educational experience.  Each patient encounter is viewed as a teaching opportunity with a detailed discussion of medical and social issues.

As a pediatric resident you will feel comfortable learning in this friendly teaching environment. We pride ourselves in offering residents diverse clinical experiences, extraordinary teaching and the broadest range of patient services.

The program helps develop the knowledge and skills necessary to become exceptional and versatile pediatricians who are qualified to provide the finest medical care to pediatric patients and to pursue a career in academic medicine.