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Birth Place


Birth Place

Each year in Good Samaritan’s BirthPlace, nearly 2,800 infants are born. A talented group of doctors, nurses and support staff take care of new mothers and babies. Good Samaritan offers the option of single patient rooms that are family-centered, attractively decorated and allow mothers and newborns to stay together in a private room for the entire hospital stay. Labor, delivery and recovery all take place in a large delivery room. After the baby is born, the infant is placed by the mother’s bedside so that the vital bonding process can begin. Infants are then cared for in the nursery or the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit.

Click here for more information on the hospital's Mother Baby Unit.

The following are some of the unique options available to every couple having a baby at Good Samaritan:

The baby will be in the room with you for most of the day and evening. This time together gives new mothers and fathers the chance to bond with their newborn and get used to their new roles as parents.

Sibling Visiting Hours: Big brothers and big sisters can come at their own special time every day to see their Mom.

The Newborn Channel: A special channel on our in-house TV provides 24-hour programming, free of charge to all new mothers. Topics include baby care, breastfeeding, post partum recovery, adjusting to parenthood and sibling adjustment.

Click here for a listing of education classes offered by Good Samaritan's Perinatal Education Department.

Hours of Operation: 24 hours-a-day, 7 days-a-week

For more information please call (631) 376-4444.

For information on perinatal education, please call (631) 376-4159.

Mother’s Circle of Hope Support Group

Good Samaritan is proud to offer a free, 10-week support group for women experiencing postpartum depression. It meets once a week to provide emotional support and information to women in the community.

Please call (631) 376-HOPE or e-mail, if you would like to register or learn more about the Mother’s Circle of Hope

Please note:

It shall be the duty of the attending physician, licensed midwife, registered professional nurse or other licensed medical professional attending the newborn to assure administration of a single [parenteral] intramuscular dose of 0.5 - 1.0 mg of [natural] vitamin [K1;] K1 oxide (phytonadione) within [one hour] six hours of birth in accordance with current standards of medical care by the Department of Health.