Interested in Volunteering at Good Sam?

In the parable of the Good Samaritan, an individual voluntarily performs a service for a fellow human being.  The Guilds of Good Samaritan Hospital Medical Center carry on that tradition.  The Guilds are locally based organizations with an elected Central Council. Guild members donate their time, treasure and talent to benefit the hospital. Volunteers are vitally important to Good Samaritan’s mission. Their presence in various roles throughout the hospital helps enhance the patient/visitor experience.

To better accomplish their goals, the Guilds are always welcoming new members who would like to contribute their time in service to the hospital. Retirees, students (of at least 15 years of age) and other members of the community who can offer special skills for projects are welcome to apply. Volunteers are offered the opportunity to join the Guilds. Guild members meet monthly (except in the summer) and are directly informed about programs and initiatives from hospital leadership.

For more information, contact the Office of Volunteers at (631) 376-4121 or brittany.colasanto@chsli.org.

Adult Volunteer Program: 18 Years and Older

Student Volunteer Program: 18 Years and Older

Junior Volunteer Program: 15-18-Year-Olds

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