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A Visit to the Pediatric Emergency Room

Accidents and illnesses happen. Why not have a bag packed near your door or in the trunk of the car with a few small toys and books for distraction and relaxation in case you find yourself in a hospital emergency room. Not every hospital has a child life specialist, but it is a good idea to ask for one when you arrive. The pediatric emergency department at Good Samaritan has a child life specialist to help with relaxation and preparation for procedures seven hours a day, seven days per week. There are always child friendly things to do to help you and your child to remain as comfortable as possible during your stay. During and after an emergency visit, praise your child for doing their best to help the medical team to help them. (Example: Thanks for trying so hard to hold still while the doctor took a look.)

What does a Child Life Specialist Do?

The Child Life Playroom and Garden

Tips for an Inpatient Stay at the Hospital

Helping Kids Cope

Preparation Tips by Developmental Age

Children with Special Needs

Preparation for Surgery 

Helping During Outpatient Procedures

After a Visit to the Hospital


Books and Websites for Kids and Families

Ways to Give and Volunteer