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Trauma Services


Good Samaritan Hospital Medical Center is the only facility on the south shore of Long Island to be named a Verified Level II Trauma Center for both Adults and Pediatrics by the American College of Surgeons. Approximately 8,000 injured adults and children per year are screened by trauma specialists in the Emergency Department. Another 1,500 are admitted for observation in one of our specialty trauma-nursing units. Approximately 250 adults and children are severely injured and require the services of our multidisciplinary trauma team. The team is activated immediately to provide life and limb saving treatment.

In collaboration with our Pediatric Critical Care Division, the Division of Trauma accepts severely injured children from other area trauma centers as well as from hospitals that are not trauma centers. The adult services are offered in the same manner.

Our local fire, rescue and police, working with the internal Departments of Emergency Services, Surgery, Neurosurgery, Orthopedic Surgery, Adult and Pediatric Critical Care Services, and the specially trained trauma surgeons, nurses and ancillary departments have formed a team of trauma care experts. This team strives to deliver skilled, optimal trauma care to all community members in need.

For further information, call the Physician and Health Referral Line at (631) 376-4444.