Tips for Surviving Summertime Marathon Training

Fall temperatures are ideal for a full or half marathon.  However, training will be required through the hottest part of the year.   Here are some tips to surviving training during the summer months.
Acclimatize – Give yourself time to adjust to the heat.  Start with short runs in the morning when it is cooler.

  • Sip, Don’t Gulp – Sip every mile or so to avoid dehydration which is more common with increased sweating.
  • Electrolytes – Maintain electrolyte balance to decrease chances of cramping and muscle fatigue.
  • Slow Down – Training in heat from 75°F to 90°F, causes an increase in heart rate which will mean your run feels much harder.  Slow down to avoid getting overheated or fatigued.
  • Visors, Not Hats – Use a visor so that heat can escape from your head.
  • Recovery – Must be incorporated into your running routine.  After long runs, try an ice bath or compression garment to improve circulation and decrease muscle fatigue.
  • Be Flexible – You may need to split up your long runs to morning and night to avoid the heat but still get your mileage in.  You may also need to change up your workout depending on when the sun is up and you are free to train.
  • Lower Pre-run Protein – As protein metabolizes, it increases heat in the body.  Instead eat a small carbohydrate meal with 1 tablespoon of protein.
  • Consistency – The slower pace can help to improve endurance and stamina which will help for race day.

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