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Tips for Parents

Ask a Lot of Questions

Write down any questions you may have. Discuss them with your nurse or doctor. Write down any complicated or long answers and read them back to your nurse or doctor to make sure you understand.

Before or Upon Admission

If you need to leave the unit, make sure you tell your nurse where you can be reached.

Some insurance companies require notification, if a family member is hospitalized.

Please check your policy or call your company to make sure you have fulfilled their requirements.

If your child is an infant, please verify that you have added him/her to your policy.

If you have Medicaid, make sure you renew your application yearly.

Contact the business office at ext. 4181 for insurance questions.

You Know Your Child Best

Participate in your child’s care.

Tell your nurses about your child’s likes and dislikes.

If your child is uncomfortable or in pain, please tell us what works best to comfort or soothe him or her.

Helping to bathe and feed your child will add comfort and familiarity to his or her stay.

Get Plenty of Food and Rest

Even if you are worried or stressed, it is important that you eat, drink plenty of fluids and be as rested as possible.

Let family and friends you trust help at home or provide brief respite for you in the hospital.

You can also relax in the meditation garden or the chapel. Get a snack and some coffee from our cart every morning, or visit the Captree Café in the lobby or ask us for a list of nearby take-out facilities.

If you need help, ask for and accept the support.

If you need someone to talk to, please tell us.

Talk to Your Child

Be honest about what will happen.

Never say “it won’t hurt” if it will.

Praise them for going through a difficult situation.

Ask for help to prepare your child for a procedure if you are not sure what will happen.

Listen to what your child tells you.

Encourage your child to share feelings or questions about being in the hospital.