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Tips for Kids

Tell Somebody if it Hurts

Be honest about pain so your parents, doctors, nurses and Child Life Specialist can help you feel better.

Take Your Favorite Toy, Blanket, Pillow, Pajamas or Clothes to the Hospital

Please remember that you should feel comforted by your favorite things, even in the hospital. You can bring things from home to make your stay more comfortable. You can wear your own clothes as much as possible.

Do Your Best But Don’t Be Too Brave

Kids need to cry, say it hurts or be sad or mad, especially in the hospital. Make sure you share your feelings and your fears so that your family and the health care people can help and support you.

You Don’t Have to Be Bored 

No matter how old or young you are, there are lots of things to do in the hospital. Ask your nurse or Child Life Specialist for some ideas. Tell them about your special interests.

Are You Hungry?

The hospital kitchen serves three meals each day.  A dietary aide will bring you a menu. Circle the items you want to eat. The food you choose will be served to you the next day! You can choose from all of the items listed, or you can write some foods down on the menu, like peanut butter and jelly. Ask your nurse or dietary aide what foods you can write down. SOME kids have a special diet or have to wait before they can eat. Ask your nurse if you are on a special diet or if you have to wait.