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Testimonials - Weight Loss Surgery

Frank lost 150 lbs after bariatric surgery at Good Sam.

Iris was given a whole new life.

Follow Elyse Capozza during this video diary chronicling her journey to weight loss.

Surgeon gives Amityville Woman new outlook on life.


Janine tried many forms of weight loss and was unsuccessful.

“My surgery was my turning point. I tried so many forms of weight loss, unsuccessfully. I knew my ultimate success would not be up to only me; working with the physicians and support staff at Good Samaritan, I never felt alone. The surgery is a tool; it’s not a "magic bullet". You need to be willing to make positive changes and I did. I‘ve lost more than 160 pounds and I have my life back. I recently started a new career in the beauty industry, a career that seemed impossible before my surgery. I feel a great sense of pride that I have reached a healthy weight. Every day, I feel good about myself: healthy, happy and hopeful.


Marcia and Heather made the weight loss journey together as a mother and daughter team.

Making the weight loss journey together, Marcia Marlow and her daughter, Heather Marlow-Rea have become a mother-daughter team. Marcia's journey began with her LapBand surgery and then an RNY gastric bypass. She has since lost a total of 128 lbs.

She is off all of her breathing and diabetes medications and takes less than half her blood pressure medication. She is enjoying life and spending quality time with her friends and family.

"Now that I am in my 60s I am enjoying the life that I missed in my 40s and 50s."

Heather's RNY gastric bypass helped her to lose more than 189lbs. She is off all of her diabetes, blood pressure and other medications. She has since returned to school and finishing her teaching degree.

"My surgery has given me a second chance and is the best thing I have ever done in my life."