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Telephone and Television

  • Parents can call the Pediatric or Pediatric Intensive Care Unit (PICU) at any time to ask about their child.  The phone number is (631) 376-4071 for Pediatrics and (631) 376-3960 for the ICU.
    • Please tell family and friends that we can only give patient information to a parent or guardian.
  • There is a telephone at each bedside in Pediatrics and is free of charge to our families.
    • Please use the telephones at the nurses’ station only in an emergency. 
  • There are no telephones at the bedside in the ICU.
    • Please use the phone at the PICU nurses station only in an emergency.
    • Cell phones may be used everywhere.
  • Cell phones can disturb others and may only be used in certain areas of the hospital. Please ask where you can go to use your cell phone. Please keep cell phones turned off when you are not in an approved area.
  • Television service is free for our patients.  We also have DVDs and video games that are available for patient use.  Ask to see a list of videos that you can borrow from our Child Life Program. 
  • Please help us keep all of our patients comfortable. Turn the television off by 11:00 PM each evening. Thank you.