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Safety and Security

We Want to Protect Your Child's Safety

The entrance to the Pediatric Unit and Pediatric Intensive Care Unit is locked.  To enter, please push the button on wall. It will sound at the nurse’s station.  A staff member will “buzz” you in.

Patient’s 12 and under will wear a tag on their leg upon admission to the Pediatric Unit.  Alarms will sound and the doors will lock if your child goes near the exit with this tag.  The alarm will also go off if the tag is removed. 

You will sign a form that tells us who is allowed to take your child home when they are discharged. Identification may be requested.

Some children have allergies. Latex balloons and fresh flowers are not permitted on the unit because they can make children or their visitors sick.  Mylar balloons are allowed.

All Our Pediatric Nurses Wear Green Badges

Your child will leave the unit for testing with a nurse wearing a green badge or with a hospital employee that your nurse approves.

Please Help Us to Prevent Falls

Please keep bedside rails up at all times for any child under the age of 12 years of age.

Please remain with your child in the playroom at all times unless a Child Life Specialist or a Child Life Volunteer is monitoring the room.