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Prom Night Safety

The High School Prom can be a dream experience for teenagers, but their safety can make it a nightmare for worried parents.  Here are some prom safety tips to make your child’s prom night a safe and wonderful experience.

  • Know and discuss the school code of conduct before the prom.
  • Know who your child is attending the prom with and discuss the events for pre- and post-prom parties.
  • Discuss the dangers of drinking and driving.  NY State law mandates an arrest at .02% or more blood alcohol content (BAC).
  • Talk with your child about the dangers of club drugs, warning signs and who to notify for assistance.
  • Pre-plan answers that your child can use to get out of uncomfortable situations (e.g., offered alcohol, getting a ride from an intoxicated driver, unwanted advances, etc.).
  • Discuss guidelines and a curfew.  Discuss the consequences of violating these rules.
  • Discuss travel plans and/or use a reputable limousine service.
  • If a limousine service is not being used, know who is driving to the prom and who will be a passenger.  Limit the number of passengers to increase safety and reduce driver distractions.
  • Know the location of post-prom parties and who is sponsoring them.
  • If your child’s plans change, make sure they let all the parents know what the change is.

DWI/Teen Safety
The number one killer of teenagers is drunk driving and drug overdose.  Many teens are killed and others are injured each year in a car crashes involving alcohol. Not all have been drinking; some are passengers or innocent victims of people who drink and drive.  Someone in the United States is killed in an alcohol/drug-related traffic accident every 23 minutes.  That someone could be your best friend or even you!

Illegal Drugs and Driving
Alcohol is a drug.  It is the most widely abused drug in our nation. A number of illegal drugs such as marijuana, heroin and cocaine severely impair a driver’s skills. Don’t use illegal drugs; don’t ride with a driver who has used them.

Teens Can Help Each Other
Organize buses, car pools, or limousines for prom nights. If you are out with a group of friends, be sure to have a designated driver, someone who pledges not to drink at all. If you or someone else makes one mistake—illegal drinking, don’t compound it with a second mistake—driving under the influence. Ask a student who has been in an alcohol-related accident to speak to the school assembly about its consequences. Set up a HOTLINE where students can call for a safe ride with no questions asked.