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Catholic Medical Association Recognizes Gianna Center

October 6th, 2018

Dallas, Texas - The Catholic Medical Association(CMA) announced the first twenty medical clinics to be elevated to the ranks of a new national network of Catholic Medical Clinics.  Dr. Steven White, Chairperson of the CMA’s Healthcare Policy Committee, announced which clinics made the list at the CMA Annual Meeting in Dallas. 

The Meeting, attended by over 700 Catholic physicians and supporters, celebrated the important nature of the doctor patient relationship and how Catholic medical clinics acknowledge the truths about humanity, and thus promote true human flourishing.

To highlight these clinics, to encourage more clinics to follow suit and to facilitate patients finding these centers, the CMA has created this new, nationwide list of twenty Catholic Medical Clinics that have promised to promote human dignity and to uphold the Ethical and Religious Directives for Catholic Health Care Facilities. The Gianna Centers of Long Island, Manhattan, and Albany were among these first twenty clinics identified.

The Gianna Center of Long Island, based in Babylon, NY, serves women with reproductive disorders, as well as symptoms of PMS, Pregnancy Associated Mood Disorders, pelvic pain, and other, diverse women’s health concerns. The Gianna Center cares for women older than the age of 8 and men with infertility. A common reason for consultation is a second opinion regarding various treatment approaches.  

For more information on the services available at the Gianna Center of Long Island, please visit or call (631) 376-3232.

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