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Preparations for Surgery

The child life team and nursing team provide a child friendly preparation visit and tour for you and your child twice a month. In these sessions, members of our team help to familiarize your child and family with ambulatory surgery. This is a good time for children to explore the simple things they will see, hear or experience on their surgery day, as well as meet other children who are also having surgery. 

We make every effort to call and invite you to the class that is closest to your day of surgery. You can also call us and ask for the date and time of the class nearest to your child’s surgery date. 

Please contact us if your child has special needs or if your family would like to attend a different class than the one closest to the surgery date. Parents of very young children use this class opportunity to feel more prepared on the surgery day. When you are relaxed, it helps your infant or toddler to do the same. It is helpful to attend a preparation class if you wish to be present with your child during the beginning of anesthesia (induction). (Please note parent presence at induction is always at the discretion of your doctors on day of surgery.)

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