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Good Samaritan’s Podiatric Medical and Surgical Department treats all forms of lower extremity problems which may range from, ankle sprains, bunions, hammertoes, lacerations, foreign bodies, infected toenails, heel spurs, tendonitis and arthritis to more complex problems which include diabetes wound care and foot reconstruction, deep abscesses, cellulitis, gangrene, amputations and open or closed fractures due to trauma.

A podiatrist is on call 24 hours-a-day to respond to trauma and emergency cases that may require this particular field of expertise. Cutting-edge technology is used to insure the best patient care possible and minimize recovery time.

For further information, please call the Physician and Health Referral Line at (631) 376-4444.

Procedures our Podiatrists perform

•         Surgical Removal of Nail, Nail Bed and Matrix

•         Removal of Granuloma or Proud Flesh and All Sub and Peri Ungual Soft Tissue Masses as related to Nail Conditions

•         Surgical Debridement of Local Manifestations of Systemic Problems, such as Diabetic Ulcers, Ischemic Ulcers, Gangrenous Lesions, etc., of the Toes and Forefoot

•         Surgical Excision of Skin Lesions, such as Verruca, Eccrine Poroma, Porakeratosis, Cicatrix, Foreign Bodies, etc.

•         Excision of Fibromas, Ganglions, Lipomas, Bursal, Sacs, etc.

•         Exostectomies of all Bones of the Foot

•         Correction of Hammer Toe by all Accepted Surgical Methods, such as Arthroplasty, Arthrodesi, Filleting, etc.

•         Correction of Overlapping or Underlying Toes

•         Capsulotomy of Joints

•         Tenectomies, Tenotomies, Tendon Transplants or Tendon Lengthening of Major or Minor Tendons of the Foot

•         Surgical Correction of Bunions of all Accepted Methods

•         Resection of Supernumerary Bones

•         Resection (partial or complete) of Metatarsal Heads

•         Osteoclasis Osteotomies and Wedge Resection of Metatarsal Bones

•         Seasamoidectomies

•         Endoscopic Techniques of the Foot and its Joints

•         Fasciotomy or Fasciectomy (Distal to Os Calcis)

•         Amputations Distal to the Ankle

•         Closed and Open Reduction of Dislocations Fractures of the Foot

•         Diabetic Wound Care of the Foot and Diabetic Reconstruction or Amputation

•         Birth and Child Deformities and Reconstruction (Club foot, Equinivalgus,Metatarsus Adductus etc.) Gait Abnormalities in Children (in toe and and out toe gait)