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Playing and Relaxation


Toys, games and activities comfort a child in the hospital. A Child Life Specialist will ask you and your child about play and comfort needs. The Child Life Program lends toys to children at bedside. When children are feeling well enough they can also visit the playroom.


In our playroom kids and families can relax and have fun. Kids can enjoy creative activities. There are no medical procedures in the playroom. Kids can play and visit with parents and hospital staff in a soothing setting. Hours are posted weekly outside the playroom door.


Playing is the special way children explore new things. Many children choose to pretend they are nurses and doctors in the hospital playroom. Child Life Specialists are trained to help children learn through playing. We use special patient dolls and pretend hospital equipment. If your child is having a difficult time with being in the hospital, ask your Child Life Specialist about “pretend medical play”.

The Child Life Program

The hospital can feel unfamiliar, scary or painful to a child. Child Life Specialists are a part of the health care team. They are trained to help children and their families cope. They use special picture books to help children prepare for medical and surgical procedures. They help them relax with special distraction toys. Please ask your nurse or Child Life Specialist for more information about Child Life Services.