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Plastic and Reconstructive Services

The Department of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery at Good Samaritan consists of a distinguished group of plastic surgeons who have been trained in some of the finest programs in the country. These physicians evaluate and treat any physical deformity that can be corrected by surgery, whether acquired or congenital. The Department works in collaboration with other specialties at Good Samaritan to offer total patient care. A plastic surgeon is on call 24 hours-per-day to respond to emergencies and trauma that may require their expertise. These specialists provide excellent treatment in immediate reconstructive surgery of injuries and in the closure of soft tissue wounds.

Non-emergency reconstructive surgery and cosmetic surgery are often performed on an out-patient basis in Good Samaritan’s Ambulatory Surgical Unit enabling patients to recover at home in a more comfortable environment. More complex procedures may be performed on an in-patient basis where post-operative care is necessary.

For further information, call the Physician and Health Referral Line at (631) 376-4444.