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Pastoral Care - Caring for the Spirit as Well as the Body

Illness and injury can pose the most difficult challenges to the human spirit, causing emotional and spiritual stress for both patients and their loved ones. Experience has proven that one's spiritual beliefs can profoundly affect their ability to cope with illness, can provide immeasurable comfort and hope during hospitalization and may even enhance the healing process.

Good Samaritan's Pastoral Care Program is one of the most comprehensive hospital-based programs in the area. Pastoral and spiritual care are offered to all patients in a manner that is respectful of their individual religious traditions and also inclusive of those who hold no formal religious affiliation.

The pastoral care team aspires to bring to life the gospel values of health and healing for every person, especially those most in need. Specifically, as part of the healing team, chaplains assess each person's spiritual needs and provide pastoral care on an ongoing basis during a patient's hospital stay. Both ordained and lay chaplains visit patients, offering prayerful presence, spiritual support and pastoral and bereavement counseling. Contact with patient's own clergy can be arraigned by request.

Chaplains cover all patient care units throughout the hospital.