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Palliative Care - Program Features

Pain and Symptom Management
Our board certified physicians are experts in the management of pain and other distressing symptoms associated with illness or treatments, such as shortness of breath, fatigue, constipation, nausea, loss of appetite and difficulty sleeping

Family Meetings
The patient/family meeting is an opportunity for the patient and family to share concerns, ask questions and provide information to help clarify the wishes of the patient for their care. Enhancing communication between patients, families and the health care team helps to ensure that individualized needs are being fully met. The goal of the palliative care team is to support the patient and their loved ones through this journey.

Support Groups
The diagnosis of a serious illness is a major life-changing event. Upon hearing the diagnosis, a patient, as well as loved ones, may be thrown into a whirlwind of emotions ranging from fear or anger to denial and overwhelming sadness. It is difficult enough to deal with the physical challenges of illness and treatment, but the emotional impact can be an even greater burden. Patients and loved ones need a “safe place” where they can share these feelings with other people who truly understand. Support groups are designed to provide a confidential atmosphere where patients can discuss any stress with others experiencing a similar situation. Our specially trained Social Workers and Pastoral Care team members are here to listen and support you and your family.

Outpatient Center
Providing Symptom Management and Supportive Care Services in the community setting allows our team to address the varied needs of patients and families earlier in the course of illness. Our outpatient program specializes in managing symptoms associated with illness and/or treatments, while providing guidance and emotional support when making important medical decisions. Consultations are confucted in an office based setting, or in the home setting for patients who are homebound.

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