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Pain Management


Good Samaritan provides inpatient and outpatient evaluation, diagnosis and treatment for patients with acute, chronic and cancer pain.

Pain management is the discipline concerned with the relief of pain. Pain has been described as an unpleasant sensory and emotional experience associated with either actual or potential tissue damage. It is a very personal and individual experience, defined as whatever the patient says it is and exists wherever he or she says it does. The goal in pain management is for patients to improve their quality of life.

The acute pain service provides daily management for patients with postoperative, post-traumatic and other types of acute pain requiring specialized interventions such as epidural analgesia, other regional anesthetic techniques or complex pharmacological management.

The chronic pain service provides comprehensive, interdisciplinary patient care as well as an Anesthesiology Pain Management Center. The interventional pain management has specialized procedure rooms with state-of-the-art technology for all modalities using fluoroscopic guided imaging. It draws upon the expertise of our staff as well as board certified anesthesiologists and registered nurses, both specializing in pain management.

Pain management procedures may include: nerve blocks, radio-frequency lesioning, cryotherapy, neurostimulation, spinal cord stimulation, implantable drug delivery system, percutaneous electrothermal disc treatment (IDET), nucleoplasty, epidural steriod injection, intercostal nerve block, nerve root injection and triggerpoint injection. In addition, the chronic pain staff provides consultations for complex inpatient pain management problems. Daily rounds are also performed.

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