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Open Heart Surgery - About St. Francis Hospital

A National Leader in Cardiac Surgery

St. Francis Hospital, The Heart Center®, operates the busiest program in New York State and maintains one of the best success rates. The hospital’s cardiothoracic surgeons have the combined experience of more than 16,000 open heart procedures in the last 10 years alone. St. Francis has consistently had the largest cardiac surgical volume in New York State since 1992, when the Department of Health began collecting, analyzing, and reporting cardiac outcomes, and its program has been recognized for its outstanding success rates more times than any other hospital in the New York metropolitan area. These rates, flagged by "double asterisks" in the state reports, are issued every three years and represent a significantly lower risk-adjusted mortality rate than the state average. St. Francis cardiothoracic surgeons have also been pioneers in introducing innovative, minimally-invasive surgical techniques that promise better comfort and faster recoveries for patients.