Obstetrics and Gynecology

Each year in Good Samaritan's BirthPlace, more than 3,000 infants are welcomed into the world. A talented group of physicians, nurses and support staff are responsible for the mother and newborn's well being. Accommodations are modern, family-centered and attractive. The oversized room is the setting for the labor, delivery and recovery of the birthing experience. Following delivery, the infant is placed by the mother's bedside so that the vital bonding process can begin.

Expectant mothers who have been classified with a high-risk pregnancy because of factors such as premature labor, maternal medical complications (i.e. diabetes or cardiac) or multiple pregnancies are cared for through the Maternal Fetal Medicine Program.

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da Vinci® Surgical System

Good Samaritan is the only hospital on the south shore of Suffolk County to offer da Vinci® robotic surgery, offering the very highest level of patient safety and quality of care for the community.  The hospital’s skilled surgeons use da Vinci® to improve clinical outcomes, decrease recovery time and reduce any risks or complications for women.  This advanced, minimally invasive technology offers superior results in hysterectomies and other gynecologic surgeries.  Patients are able to return to normal activities faster than with conventional surgery.  da Vinci® provides excellent patient satisfaction and a proven track record of more than 150,000 hysterectomies annually.   It is also the number one surgical treatment option for women diagnosed with gynecological cancer.  Through the da Vinci® surgical system, often complex procedures are now performed through just a few tiny incisions and with less pain.

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