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OB/GYN- Medical Student Rotations

Obstetrics and Gynecology Program
Medical Student Rotations

Fourth year medical student electives are available year round. An OB Sub/I rotation or a Gynecologic Surgery Rotation may be arranged by contacting the Department of Graduate Medical Education at Good Samaritan Hospital Medical Center at (631) 376-4163. The total number of students doing an elective at a given time is intentionally restricted to avoid diluting the educational experience of all rotators.

Good Samaritan is a major affiliate and teaching campus for the New York Institute of Technology College of Osteopathic Medicine (NYITCOM) and Mount Sinai School of Medicine. We offer third and fourth year medical student rotations in multiple specialties, OB/GYN, Surgery, Family Medicine, Emergency Medicine, and Pediatrics.

The OB Sub/I rotations and Gynecologic Surgery rotations are structured so students become an integral part of the rotation and of the OB/GYN team. Our OB/GYN faculty and residents are energetic and highly motivated to promote obstetrics and gynecology and ensure an educational and rewarding rotation.

Students are responsible for the complete care and management of their assigned patients from initial work-up through disposition. Students have plenty of opportunity to practice basic procedures and many have successfully performed more invasive or emergent procedures. Students always work under the supervision of the OB/GYN attending and a senior resident when assigned to the same team.

Dress Code
Good Samaritan has a dress code requiring scrubs and a lab coat to be worn at all times when performing clinical duties. A copy of the full dress code policy is available from the Department of Graduate Medical Education.

Academic Opportunities
Core Reading Material: Topics reflect the fundamentals of obstetrics and gynecology.

Thursday Resident Protected Time: Weekly educational lecture series occurs every Thursday from 7am to 11am. All rotators are required to attend and participate.

Walking/Sign-out Rounds: Formal bedside rounds are made as the OB teams change shift. This gives the OB attending and residents the opportunity to “hand off” their patients to the next team. Students are expected to actively participate when learning points related to the patient caseload are discussed.

Students are evaluated based on feedback from their senior residents and faculty attendings. In addition to our evaluation of the student's performance on their rotation, students likewise have the opportunity to evaluate their rotation experience. Students who would like to request a standardized letter of evaluation (SLOE) should do so prior to the end of their rotation.

Contact Us
Hillary Lessing, OBGYN Residency Coordinator
Good Samaritan Hospital Medical Center
Department of Graduate Medical Education
1000 Montauk Highway
West Islip, NY 11795
(631) 376-4163 - phone
(631) 376-3420 - fax