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Surgeon Repairs Large Hernia With Minimal Incision Using da Vinci® Robot

April 3rd, 2014

Following several attempts to repair a large hernia along her abdomen, 48-year-old Alicia Brenner, had a component separation performed using robotic-assisted surgery at Good Samaritan Hospital Medical Center by affiliated surgeon Manal Hegazy, MD. Unlike traditional open surgery requiring a large incision to make the repair, her procedure required minimal incision often resulting in shorter recovery times and fewer complications, including reduced risk of infection. Ms. Brenner was released from the hospital the same day and was touring New York City the next week.

In addition, robotic assisted surgery offers the patient virtually scarless results, minimal pain and low blood loss. Small-incision hernia repair has also been credited with reduced recurrence rates―which have been estimated to be as high as 30% with open surgery techniques.

“I was very surprised how painless this surgery was as compared to the abdominal surgery I had long ago, said Ms. Brenner.” “Unlike my other surgeries, I experienced no pain during the recuperation period.”

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Colleen Valdini
Manager, Public and External Affairs
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