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Samaritans of the Month for March 2016

June 30th, 2016


Arlene Montanez, Environmental Services, is Samaritan of the Month for March. Ms. Montanez arrived at Good Sam in 2001 where she began as a housekeeper in the Baxter Pavilion. She also worked on C unit but often floated to other units as schedules shifted. Willingly she volunteered to help wherever she was needed. Five years later, Ms. Montanez moved to the front of the hospital where her extensive workload included many office areas with a mixture of clinical units. Once again, she stepped up to offer to cover additional areas as needed. Always flexible and willing to help out, she then moved on to Imaging Services where she was given the responsibility of training and acclimating executive staff members to the facility. Ms. Montanez is an integral and effective force within the general and office areas allowing Environmental Services staff to concentrate on patient areas.






Team of the Month for March is Nutritional and Food Services, a dedicated team that is always willing to step up to get the job done. This team goes the extra mile each day to make sure patients, visitors and co-workers all have access to whatever is needed while they are here. The team ensured that not only patients, but staff had food available during the last storm, serving more than 1,000 meals; including a free breakfast on Sunday. They consistently go above and beyond, and are always happy to assist, and their accomplishments are appreciated by all.