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National Doctors' Day

March 30th, 2017

Physicians are integral members of the health care team, impacting the lives of patients and their families. At Good Samaritan Hospital Medical Center, we have a tradition of celebrating the dedication and accomplishments of our medical staff at the annual Doctors' Day Breakfast each spring. To make this day a little more special, we have asked our patients to help us pay tribute to our talented medical staff by sharing their gratitude. The response was heartwarming and the notes of thanks and stories of exceptional care were inspiring.


Dr. Laurence Engelberg, Pulmonary/Critical Care
Dr. Wojtek Bober, Medical Education

“Dr. Bober and Dr. Engelberg in the ER at Good Sam were always tremendously positive role models for me as a pre-med student at the time, and always treated all patients and employees with kindness and respect regardless of their title…. They were both always great and even went out of their way to teach me things during my time at Good Sam. I'll forever appreciate the tips they gave me as I progress along my journey to becoming a physician.”

Dr. Anthony Capizzi, Associate Chairman of Surgery

“The staff at the Good Samaritan group are assets to the hospital because they are cosmopolitan instead of stuffy and antiseptic. They are part of the Breast Health Center and because they have lives beyond the hospital they are easy to talk to and understanding. They see through the complications in life and try to help.”

“It is a pleasure to honor my special and caring doctor. I will be forever grateful to Dr. Capizzi for his dedication and care. My life was blessed by this wonderful doctor. Again, thank you Dr. Capizzi.”

“I would like to thank and honor Dr. Anthony Capizzi for his expertise in giving me back my life. May he continue to be blessed to help all that are in need of medical attention.”

Dr. Bimalkumar Brahmbhatt, Cardiology

“Thank you!”

Dr. John Francfort, Chairman of Surgery

“Each of them have brought their special gifts and skills to bring me through my surgeries and therapies. Each are very special compassionate doctors and a team without equal."

Dr. Ilene Gewirtz, Gynecology

“Dr. Gewirtz and the women at the Breast Health Center are assets to the hospital because they are cosmopolitan instead of stuffy and antiseptic. They have lives beyond the hospital they are easy to talk to and understanding. They see through the complications in life and try to help.”


Dr. Anthony Guida, Chairman of Family Medicine

“He has been our family doctor for over 30 Years!  Dr. Guida is a caring, compassionate, knowledgeable physician who has made a great difference in my husband Walter's life with his treatment and monitoring of his diabetic condition.  I too have benefited from being a patient of Dr. Guida.”

Dr. Stephen Harris, Plastic/Reconstructive Surgery

“I would like to thank Dr. Harris for his wisdom and knowledge. May he continue to be blessed to help all that are in need of medical attention.”

Dr. Paul Lee, Cardiology

“You are a very caring doctor. My family and I appreciate your expertise and updated knowledge in keeping me as healthy as possible. All I can say is: Thank you, thank you!!”

Dr. Jared Hertz, Internal Medicine

  Dr. Hertz has gone out of his way to express his kindness to both me and my husband. We have been long time patients of his father, Howard Hertz. They are both kind and caring . This means so much to us. Thank you!

Dr. Peter Judge,Obstetrics/Gynecology

“Dr. Judge oversees my health as a breast cancer survivor and I view him as a personal tranquilizer as I always feel so good and relaxed after seeing him for a visit.  He is a sociable, kind, and supportive doctor who allays any fears I may have and he takes the time to talk to me in a very appropriate, yet personal, manner.MY daughter, Lisa, is also a patient of Dr. Judge.  Lisa had 3 miscarriages and five pregnancies and was considered to be "high risk."  My grandson, Devin, was born as a result of her fourth pregnancy and Dr. Judge delivered him for which we are extremely grateful.”

 "Dr. Judge has been my Good Samaritan.  He was my guiding light to seeking out diagnosis of my breast cancer.  He saw me almost immediately when I called when I found lumps in my breast.  He knew I was in trouble and not only gave me support but made sure that diagnostics and surgery happened expediently. I always knew that he was supporting me... I feel that he saved my life.  He always cared how I was doing through the 9 months of therapy...  There is no way that I would not want to honor him.  As I once wrote him, your gift of your hands and the gift of your heart will be in my prayers every day that I start. God bless you and keep you and support your life’s works too. Because Jesus the Healer lives on through you."

Dr. Christopher La Mendola, Chairman of Cardiothoracic Surgery/Director of the St. Francis Open Heart Surgery Program at Good Samaritan

“Thank you all for my life. If it wasn't for all of you I would not be feeding my birds, gardening on my property, enjoying nature in all its aspects. You have extended my life and I intend to do all I can to make this world better and help all who need help. Thank you for all your help in the medical world. I am forever in your debt. Please extend my thanks to the entire staff. They were all excellent!”

  “This man is the greatest. He restored my health. God placed him on this earth to preserve and extend the lives of others and he does a magnificent job. He is a concerned and caring individual who gives 100% plus for his patients and is always there for them when needed. The world needs more men like him.”

Dr. Maria Lockhart, Obstetrics/Gynecology
Dr. John Pallotta
, Obstetrics/Gynecology

  “I had surgery there on Sept. 17, 2016. Everyone was so nice to me. Especially Dr. Lockhart and Dr. Pallotta have been my doctors for years. He is such a sweet doctor. Also Dr. Lockhart, I had a special call from Denise about 1 month ago. She wanted to see how I was doing. She took the time to check on me. That was so nice of her. I wish every one the best, they all deserve it. Thanks so much to all.”

Dr. Michael Masciello, Cardiology

“Words are not enough to describe him. As a missionary nurse  I can detect what kindness is all about without prejudice and draw backs. Because of what I do daily he heard my plea. He assisted in helping my former classmate living in Jamaica to obtain a PACEMAKER free thru St. Francis. A poor family that has been rejoicing daily for the gift of life for their father and grandfather. As for me he shocked me when he had his Ophthalmologist give me back my sight without wearing glasses again. In all my years of dealing with different ethnic groups he proved to me without Love for others and making a difference in someone's life there will always be a better place for us in life rich or poor. How can I not talk about this doctor locally and abroad. Life is what we make it to be.”

Dr. Jeffery Nakhjavan, Family Medicine
Dr. Maksim Rovensky, Cardiothoracic/Open Heart Surgery

“Dr. Jeff saved my life by finding that I had a problem with blocked arteries. Dr. Rovensky put life back into my body with by-pass surgery in March of 2014 which is letting me continue my life and my love for fishing. In April I will be 80 yrs. old and I am fishing 3 times a week from April to December. I also have much love for the entire St Francis team that have taken up residence in Good Sam.”

Dr. Richard Nattis, Ophthalmology

“Best Ophthalmologist I know. I travel from West Sayville to Babylon to see him.  Good bedside manor and very informative about any eye conditions.”

Dr. Yin-Lee Chin, Internal Medicine
Dr. Manal Hegazy, Surgery
Dr. Mary Puccio, Hematology/Oncology

“Thank you for taking such good care of me in my time of need from April 2011 to present.”

Dr. Bradley Kessler, Pediatric Gastroenterology

“My son was incredibly sick, unable to eat, lethargic & not growing. Our first visit with Dr. Kessler was incredible. He listened to my son and set up all kinds of tests. The results came back as Crohn's Disease. Dr. Kessler moved swiftly getting the proper treatment plan together. After the first dose of Remicade, my son began eating, felt better and has grown tremendously! Dr. Kessler knew exactly what to do for him and educated us on his disease, putting our fears at bay.  He has become a true hero to our family. He gave us our son back!”

Dr. Armen Ovsepian, Cardiology/Electrophysiology

“Helped me with my AFIB”

Dr. Mary Puccio, Hematology/Oncology

"Each of them have brought their special gifts and skills to bring me through my surgeries and therapies. Each are very special compassionate doctors and a team without equal."

Dr. David Reich, Interventional Cardiology

"How has this physician impacted your life? I was lucky to have him put my stent in, when I had a heart attack. He is a caring , and very professional Dr.  I would recommend him highly.”

Dr. Nathan Thomas, Surgery

"I first met Dr. Thomas in June in the ED. He did emergency surgery on my colon. I was so scared as this was totally unexpected. He instantly put me at ease and became a friend. I also had another surgery in Jan 2017. Again he was so kind to me. This was a tough time made very much better by Dr. Thomas.”

Dr. Thomas Tomaselli,Anesthesiology

"Thanks for being such a good doctor. On November 17, 1994 you were the anesthesiologist for my daughter Janet who was having a C-section. When you learned she had Placenta Previa you refused to put her to sleep until there was a supply of blood on the floor. She probably would have died if you didn't do that. In all she needed 13 pints of blood because she hemorrhaged so badly. I know that many other doctors helped save her life. But your foresight was vital. Thank you. She is now a grandmother to two little boys. Thanks!!”

Dr. John Vullo, Obstetrics/Gynecology

"Dr. Vullo is one of the smartest, caring, attentive and kindest Doctors I have ever met. He goes out of his way to help in any way he can. I have stopped him many times at work just to ask a question and he will always stop to answer and put me at ease. Even if he's running to the OR he will come back and answer my question. When my niece came in to have her first baby 2 1/2 yrs. ago Dr. Vullo was covering her Doctor so he delivered my Great Nephew by  C-section. My entire family loved him and was grateful that they had such a Wonderful covering Doctor.”

Dr. Johnny Kao, Chairman of Radiation Oncology
Dr. Andrew Wong
, Radiation oncology

“Each of them have brought their special gifts and skills to bring me through my surgeries and therapies. Each are very special compassionate doctors and a team without equal."

Dr. Andrew Wong, Radiation Oncology

“I just want to express my gratitude. The courtesy and professionalism of your great team reflected love, hope and kindness. I really appreciated all the comfort your team provided. Your team put the "p" in professionalism. You guys are the best! And I want you to keep up the good work. You have given me hope in tomorrow!"

Dr. Johnny Kao, Chairman of Radiation Oncology

“Having a doctor with a warm smile whenever you meet and he always calls me by my name and answers all of the questions my husband and I ask. Knowing from day to day he was there for me was a God send. His staff is on point. God Bless them to do the work they do and every day have a smile or kind word is awesome."

Dr. Pankaj Kumar Singhal, Chairman of Obstetrics/Gynecology

“At 85 years I was surprised to be informed that I had ovarian cancer. To say the least, I was very frightened but when I met with Dr. Singhal and his associate, I felt I had put my life in very capable hands. I just had my last chemo session and I pray the cancer is gone completely."

“Thank you, thank you, thank you.”

 Dr. Gino L. Giorgini, Jr., Director of Utilization Management

“A most professional person and caring of people in his care. Good Sam Hospital is lucky to have him on staff!"

Dr. Narendra Singh, Pulmonary/Critical Care

“It is especially notable, that in your care of patients (and family members alike), your methods and innovations have been recognized and appreciated: the rewards of difficult work show in every aspect of your practices and accomplishments… Due to your care, I have met with success and excellence in my personal, and, in future, professional affairs. I shall strive continually to emulate your example. As the role model which you have become for [us], keep on the narrow path and exercise your judgement!”

All the emergency room physicians

“Thank you for all the times you treated me and made me feel better.”

“In August I was taken to your Emergency Room - stayed overnight. Did not get names. Just thanking everyone for the good care I received even though the ER was very busy. Thanks for all your help!”

“To the staff of Good Sam, especially the Emergency Department, thank you! Last November before Thanksgiving I was brought to the Good Sam ER. I first went to Southside as it is closer to my home but they could not find anything wrong with me. After 10 days of constant diarrhea, my sons decided to take me to Good Sam ER. I was put in isolation and had the very best care and love from your ER staff. Nurse Nicole Fernandez was like an angel to me. She along with the other caring, loving men and women helped me thru my dilemma. I'm 79 yrs. old now, on a budget and hope to be able to stay healthy and afford living in East Islip. God Bless All of You! Dr. Shetty was very nice and caring. Nicole Fernandez was wonderful. All the staff was devoted and I was cranky but they understood. If I win a lottery, I'll send more money. God Bless All.”

Women's’ Imaging Diagnostic Radiologists

“Because of all of you I'm here today. If it wasn't for the imaging center detection that I had breast cancer, I wouldn't have been diagnosed and treated. Everyone from start to the end has been wonderful and caring. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.”

Dr. Michael Zaghi, Diagnostic rRdiology

“It's with deep appreciation that I thank you for your professional skill and insight in diagnosing my medical condition. By answering my many questions and concerns honestly and without hesitation, you helped to make a challenging situation less frightening. Again, I would like to express my thanks and state how truly fortunate Good Samaritan Hospital and the West Islip community are to have a dedicated physician such as yourself on staff.”

Dr. Maria Vissicchio, Diagnostic Radiology

“Thank you for your expertise and dedication; and for being an impeccable diagnostician.”

Dr. Santo Fiumano, Family Medicine
Dr. John Francfort, Chairman of Surgery

“It was because of my husband's illness that I met Dr. Fiumano in December 1997. From that time on he has helped me through several health issues for which I am most grateful as well as Dr. Francfort. I thank them both. I'm pleased to honor them on National Doctor's Day.”

Dr. Jeffery Nakhjavan, Family Medicine
Dr. John Francfort, Chairman of Surgery

“Two excellent and caring doctors. They went the extra mile.”

Dr. Charles Livoti, Internal Medicine

“He listens because he cares!”

Dr. Robert Gekle, Emergency Medicine

“I came to the hospital’s Emergency Department for a severe injury to my left shoulder as a result of a fall. Diagnosis showed a severe dislocation of my left shoulder. Dr. Gekle with the help of two associates managed to reset it on the third try. At this time I would like to thank Dr. Gekle and his associates for what they did for me. During that overnight period my armpit, upper arm and part of my elbow turned black indicating significant bleeding. My shoulder is partially frozen but daily exercise is improving that. My orthopedic surgeon said there are tears, maybe adhesions, associated with the injury. Physical manipulation and MRI may be needed in the future. Thanks again to Good Sam Emergency for being there when I needed help.  P.S. Dr. Gekle - I kept my promise and did not drive myself home after anesthesia.”

Dr. Robert Carlin, Pulmonary

“My mother has been going to Dr. Carlin for many years. He always takes the time to hear her concerns. He has been there for my mother through  a stroke, pneumonia, a VATS procedure and the death of my father. He treats her like she is family.”

Dr. Kevin Mullins, Chief of Neurosurgery

“Thank you for everything. I can enjoy life without pain again!”

Dr. Borimir Darakchiev, Neurosurgery

“I need to give a special thank you to Dr. Darakchiev for helping me to walk again. With his expertise in neurosurgery, I am able to stand without losing the feeling in my lower body and can now hold my head up straight without pain.”

Dr. Raymond Ebarb, Family Medicine

“He is very knowledgeable in all aspects of his field.  Always patient and informative.”

Dr. Amit Sharma, Pain Management

I need to thank Dr. Sharma for his help in keeping my pain at an acceptable level. He is one of the most caring doctors I have ever met.

Dr. Ralph Caselnova, Interventional Cardiology
Dr. Christopher La Mendola, Chairman of Cardiothoracic Surgery/ Director of the St. Francis Hospital Open Heart Surgery Program at Good Samaritan

“I want to thank Dr. Ralph Caselnova for contacting Dr. La Mendola on my behalf to operate and fix my heart with a quadruple bypass on May 23, 2016. Dr. La Mendola, his team, the nurses, and rehabilitation are the very best. God Bless all of you.”

Cardiac Operating Room, CTICU & CT Holding Room Nursing Staff

“This Gift of Appreciation is made in honor of the Cardiac Operating Room, CTICU, and CT Holding Room nursing staff. The physician members of New York Cardiovascular Anesthesiologists thank you for your limitless energy and dedication to our patients. Your professionalism, skills and intelligence are critical to our shared success.”