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Meet Good Samaritan's Sams of the Month for January

May 29th, 2016
Allison Johnsonbaugh, RN, is Samaritan of the Month for January. She has worked on 3 Main since joining Good Sam in November 2014. Ms. Johnsonbaugh is highly regarded by staff as a team player who is always willing to assist other members of the staff. She emulates the CHS mission statement with her kindness and compassion. She is always interested in learning new skills and is efficient, helpful, kind and attentive. She is an outstanding professional who goes above and beyond. Her light humor with patients isa blessing and all her patients love her.







Jennifer Nobile is also a January Samaritan of the Month. Ms. Nobile began working at Good Sam in 2008 in Patient Access as a registrar in the Emergency Department. She is hardworking and capable, handling the volume of patients who pass through the ED. Her knowledge of ED policies and procedures are extensive and her work ethic is amazing. She is always there to lend a hand whether it is another staff member, patient or family member. Ms. Nobile trains all new hires in procedures as well as compassion. She is caring and gentle and her patience knows no bounds. She displays her extraordinary dedication to the mission of Good Sam every day and is an invaluable member of the ED staff.






The Team of the Month for January is the Transport Department. With more than 400 movements per day, including patients to and from testing areas, internal transfers, ED admissions, and ED CT transport, the Transport team is dedicated and hard-working. It doesn’t end there. The team is responsible for moving equipment throughout the facility and is vital to transferring patients and maintaining efficient patient flow. With direct patient access, the transport staff consistently engages patients in conversation which goes a long way in putting each patient’s mind at ease and brightening their day.