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Good Samaritan Hospital Recognizes Perinatal Mood Disorder Awareness Month

May 2nd, 2014

What should be the happiest time in a new mother’s life may instead lead to depression or anxiety. May is Perinatal Mood Disorders Awareness Month recognizing the leading medical complication related to childbearing, affecting one of every eight mothers during pregnancy and one of every six after delivery. Good Samaritan Hospital Medical Center offers a support group “The Mother’s Circle of Hope” free of charge for women experiencing pregnancy-related or postpartum depression and anxiety. 

These feelings may make women ashamed and cause them to hide their suffering from family and friends. However, it is important to talk to someone, whether it is a health care provider, family member or friend, and seek help. Getting treatment early is the best thing a mom can do for herself, her baby and family. 

“My pregnancy was wonderful without any issues but a few weeks following the birth of my daughter, Ever, I was exhausted and not feeling like myself,” said new mom Tami Nystrom. “I attended a breast feeding support group at Good Samaritan where I learned of Mother’s Circle of Hope” group. Hearing other mothers express their thoughts and feelings helped me gain a different perspective on motherhood while sharing valuable information that helped me feel like myself again.”  

The Mother’s Circle of Hope meets once a week for eight weeks to provide emotional support and information to women in the community. Participants learn about available treatment options, as well as the steps back to wellness in a supportive, caring environment. Attendees discover they are not alone and gain strategies to help cope with this experience and begin the road to recovery.  Good Samaritan Hospital’s Perinatal Education Center provides educational and moral support to expectant couples, new parents and their families. The next series will be in July.

For more information about Good Samaritan’s Mother’s Circle of Hope support group, please call

(631) 376-HOPE or e-mail


Colleen Valdini
Manager, Public and External Affairs
(631) 376-4483