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Good Samaritan Hospital Recognizes Pastoral Care Week

October 15th, 2014

This year marks the30th anniversary of Pastoral Care Week, October 19-25. During this time, Good Samaritan Hospital Medical Center will recognize spiritual care given its patients through the Pastoral Care Department. Chaplains, pastoral care counselors, educators and health care providers will share in this year’s theme, “Spiritual Well-Being.”

This year’s theme refers to supporting and inspiring the spiritual well-being of ourselves and others amid times of both ease and challenge. Pastoral Care staff encourage all to strive to be respectful and compassionate knowing that intentions and actions have a ripple effect on the journeys of others and ourselves. While the nature of a person’s journeys may vary by the circumstances of their lives, spiritual well-being may include meaning and purpose, reconnecting and renewing, strength, hope, compassion, gratitude, forgiveness, and love.

Among the celebrations will be hand-blessing ceremonies for health care workers, a special Mass in the hospital’s St. Vincent DePaul chapel and a releasing of the doves ceremony on Monday, October 20.

Please call (631) 376-4444 for information on Good Samaritan’s pastoral care services.


Colleen Valdini
Manager, Public and External Affairs
(631) 376-4483