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Good Sam Verified as an Adult and Pediatric Trauma Center

February 6th, 2017

West Islip, N.Y. – Good Samaritan Hospital Medical Center has been verified as an Adult and Pediatric Trauma Center by the American College of Surgeons (ACS), making it the first center of its kind on the south shore of Long Island.   

“This is a result of significant investment by Catholic Health Services (CHS) and a lot of hard work by members of the trauma team at Good Sam,” said Christopher C. Raio, MD, MBA, FACEP, Chairman of the Department of Emergency Medicine at Good Samaritan and Chief of Emergency Medicine for CHS. “From the Emergency Department to hospital discharge, we work as a team to deliver the best possible trauma care for our patients.” 

Designated as Level-II, the Trauma Center at Good Samaritan is one of only two hospitals in Suffolk County with ACS verification to treat both adults and children. With an Emergency Department that treats nearly 90,000 patients each year, the most of any facility in Suffolk County, this verification is a direct result of the investment and commitment the Center has made to patients on the south shore and all of Long Island. 

John Francfort, MD, Chairman of the Department of Surgery at Good Samaritan stated further, “Good Sam has long been a center of excellence for cancer care, cardiac & stroke care, breast imaging, bariatric/weight loss surgery, and adult and pediatric trauma. The ACS applies rigorous standards for verification and we’re honored by this recognition.”

In collaboration with the Pediatric Critical Care Division, the Division of Trauma accepts severely injured children from other area trauma centers as well as from hospitals that are not trauma centers. To achieve this verification, Good Samaritan made several enhancements to its existing infrastructure, including a full-time pediatric surgeon, pediatric intensivist, trauma surgeon, and trauma care specialist.

Established by the ACS in 1987, the Committee on Trauma’s Consultation/Verification Program for Hospitals promotes the development of trauma centers in which participants provide not only the hospital resources necessary for trauma care, but also the entire spectrum of care to address the needs of all injured patients. This spectrum encompasses the prehospital phase through the rehabilitation process.

“There is published peer reviewed data that shows that Trauma Centers verified by the ACS are more efficient and have better outcomes than those who are not,” said Abenamar Arrillaga, MD, Medical Director of Trauma in the Surgical Intensive Care Unit at Good Samaritan. “This verification validates our goal at Good Sam to provide the best trauma care to the critically injured patients of all ages.”  

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