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Good Sam Jam: Dr. George Rogu

March 2nd, 2018

Physicians from Good Samaritan Hospital Medical Center will take the stage at 89 North in Patchogue on Sunday, March 18 for the Good Sam Jam! This event will feature wonderful food and great music with all of the proceeds benefiting the pediatric program at Good Sam. Each week leading up to the performance we will be featuring a different doctor and their band, this week: Dr. George Rogu with Doc and the Flu Shots.  


Q. Name and Specialty/Department? 

A. George Rogu, MD, CPE, is a Voluntary House staff attending in the department of Pediatrics. He is a general community pediatrician working with office in Bayshore and Commack

Q. What instrument(s) do you play? 

A. Dr. Rogu played Guitar, Bass and Drums

Q. What’s your bands name and is there any special meaning or interesting story behind the name that was chosen? 

A. The band’s name is "Doc and the Flu Shots," it started out as a goof by the owner of the Rock Underground. I personally hated the name, but for doctor music fundraiser event such as this it does work well.

Q. How long has your group been playing together? 

A. The core members have been playing together since 2012. We all met as students at The Rock Underground of Commack, and have been playing every Tuesday since with many performances under our belts.


Q. Describe your Band’s Style of Music?

A. We pride ourselves on playing any type of music and style, we just play for the fun of it. 

Q. Who is your favorite musician?

A. My favorite influences are Aerosmith, Beatles, Kiss, Styx, Rolling stones and the Doors

Q. What is your best musical memory – whether it’s with your band or before you formed?

A. I generally love to go to reunion concerts for bands that had not played together in 20 years. It is always amazing how the chemistry is just there and the musical recipe is perfect. Music is like fine wine it gets better over time.

Q. If you could perform at any venue with any artist or group...who/where would you choose and why?

A. I would love to perform at Madison Square Garden with my all time favorite group KISS. Good music and great show.

Q. Did you play in a band when you were a kid – either through school or outside of school? If so, what age did you start, which instrument and if outside group, what was the name of your band? 

A. I used to play the drums in high school, and had a band called Spare Change. After I got into Medical School that all ended. Fast-forward many years, my children began to play music, and I once again got involved. Alongside them learned to play Guitar and Bass, and the drums just came back. My kids developed into fine musicians forming bands and I began managing them and performing at fundraisers and charity events such as this during their middle and High School years.

Q. Why should people attend the Good Sam Jam?

A. I would be nice to see some of your favorite doctors from the Good Sam House staff, put down their stethoscopes and pick up guitars and have a great time. You will see a different side of your doctor during the performances. You will have fun, hear great music and support the local Pediatric Department at Good Samaritan Hospital.

For more information or to purchase tickets for the Good Sam Jam, please visit: