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February Samaritan's of the Month

June 20th, 2016

Ruth Somers is Samaritan of the Month for February. Ms. Somers started in the Nutrition and Food Service Department in 2005 as a cafeteria aide. In 2011, she became a Food Ambassador. She is always willing to assist her co-workers and the patients as reflected in her flexible, dependable and hard-working attitude. She also is always willing to go the extra mile for her patients and does so with a smile. Ms. Somers displays extraordinary dedication to the mission of Good Sam and whenever a need arises, she is a team player and problem solver.




Robert Karsten, RN, is also Samaritan of the Month for February. Mr. Karsten joined Good Sam in 2007 working as an ASU Aide. He joined B Unit as a new RN in 2011 and has grown both clinically and professionally while achieving his goal of earning his BSN. Mr. Karsten exhibits confidence and skill and consistently displays his ability to lead a team accepting accountability and meeting the demands of the unit. He is supportive of his staff and management and demonstrates excellent skills as a preceptor and mentor. Mr. Karsten is always up for a challenge and meets the needs of the unit and patients whenever asked. He is a dedicated leader, a team player and an asset to B unit.



Team of the Month for February is the linen room staff which starts their day at 5:30 am to ensure that all exchange carts are delivered before 7 am. They fill approximately 60 exchange carts daily and process about 7000 lbs. of clean linen per day. They also handle incoming and outgoing specialty items such as lab coats, slings and lift devices associated with the Diligent Life Program. Inspecting and folding baby blankets and tee shirts is a top priority and staff is willing to work until all the folding is done. They share tasks, working together and swapping days to accommodate days off and vacation coverage. This hard-working and dedicated team of four women accomplishes a very large task on a daily basis.