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Congratulations to the Samaritan and Team of the Month for July 2016

October 9th, 2016

Jasper Asper

Jasper joined Good Samaritan in May 2014 working as an RN.  He came to the hospital as part of the medical/surgical float pool in May 2014 and was quickly reassigned to 4 Main that summer. Jasper has continued to be a model for others and obtained his RN1 and attended the preceptor class. He went on to precept a total of 5 RNs (travel, float and 4 Main staff).  He then joined the Academy of Medical Surgcial Nurses and became interested in leadership. He went on to obtain his RN2 in 2015 and also presented Grand Rounds on Sepsis and the multiple sclerosis patient. In addition to that presentation, he was a keynote speaker in the Philippines at his alma mater school of nursing, Saint Louis University, on “Telemetry Nursing and Opportunities in the United States.”  His presentation was described by the Associate Dean as “packed with illuminating anecdotes, telling statistics and a refreshing dose of good humor.”   His leadership skills are evident.  He is confident, professional and always wanting to learn and grow.   

Jasper sees the bigger picture of the organization.He is the “go to” person of the night shift and is confident in his abilities and always compassionate to the patients.  Jasper is always looking to grow and grow the unit.He is presently working on presentation for arrhythmia.   

Jasper, thank you for being caring, understanding, patient and compassionate.  Your devotion and service is truly appreciated.  Thank you for your service and dedication and for always keeping the Good Samaritan mission in your heart.  Congratulations on your recognition as July Samaritan of the month.


Nursing Supervisors, Patient Placement Coordinators & Nursing Clerical Staff

The Nursing Office is open seven days-a-week, 24 hours-a-day. They handle staffing issues, agency workers, patient complaints, private duty and more. The Nursing Supervisors work what we call “off hours.” Off because most of us are off when they are working. They are all seasoned Registered Nurses providing coverage 24 hours on the weekends and from 3 pm through 7 am during the week. They respond to codes, rapid responses, patient and family concerns as well as staff issues. They are often needed to take the staffing resources available and move them around to accommodate increased acuity or high census in the Emergency Department, sick calls, and more. They respond to traumas and may stay with families or work with Patient Placement to arrange for the transfer of the patients as needed. In between those tasks they often have to find supplies the nursing units require that may or may not be in the supply room. They truly keep patient care flowing when most of us are home relaxing.

The Patient Placement Coordinators are also seasoned Registered Nurses. They need to understand the needs of patients in order to assign an appropriate bed, make sure there is always a MICU and SICU bed available, attend the bed meetings and assist the supervisors as needed. They are an integral part of the patient throughout initiatives and work with environmental to assign beds, clean and track resources as well as the staff on the floors to insure patient safety.

The clerical staff in the Nursing Office are also there 24/7. They assign agency one-to-ones, take sick calls, counsel family members, complete staffing sheets, and make sure the office has the supplies and equipment they need. They also go to the kitchen on off hours for food, run to the supply room for the floors and do whatever they can to assist the supervisors, patient placement and all of nursing.

All of the Nursing Office team work hard (and frequently “behind the scenes”) to keep the hospital flowing and operating safely so that the majority of us can go home and know that our patients and staff are safe.

All the professionals of this department are dedicated hardworking team players. This department’s efforts and dedication are truly deserving of our Team Award. Congratulations to the Nursing Supervisors, Patient Placement Coordinators and Nursing Clerical staff for being our July Samaritan Team of the Month.