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Why are vaccinations important?
New parents and caregivers don't take the risk; know the facts and discuss the importance of vaccinations with your PMD today.

Helpful links:
Vaccine Safety Before, During, and After Pregnancy

Help Protect Babies from Whooping Cough

Cocooning Protects Babies

Vaccines Your Baby Needs

Immunization schedule: Birth through 6 years old

Safe Sleep for Baby
Every year in the U.S., thousands of babies die due to SIDS and other accidental, sleep- related causes such as suffocation, entrapment and strangulation. Parents can take these simple steps to reduce their babies risk and keep them safe.

Why should I go the full 40 weeks of pregnancy?

Good Samaritan is proud to be part of the New York State Perinatal Quality Collaborative (NYSPQC) Obstetrical Improvement Project aimed at reducing the number of scheduled deliveries performed without medical or obstetrical need before 40 weeks. Review the fact sheet for 40 reasons why it's so important to go the full 40.

40 reasons to go to the FULL 40

Learn more about the NYSPQC/NYSPFP Obstetrical Improvement Project

Medication & Nursing

A guide from the US National Library of Medicine for nursing moms unsure about safe medication use. Look up specific medications to determine safety. Always discuss medications with your doctor, nurse or pharmacist. Learn more

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