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Post Delivery Care
Pregnancy/Postpartum Anxiety and/or Depression

Up to 80 percent of women experience the "baby blues" within two weeks of delivery. Symptoms can include crying, sadness, worry or fatigue. This is quite normal and usually resolves itself within days to a few weeks.  If it doesn't, it is important to get help and support as soon as possible.

Perinatal Mood and Anxiety disorders, including Postpartum Depression, is a range of emotional changes that a woman may experience during pregnancy or in the year after the birth of her child. It is very common and affects one out of every 5 to 7 moms. Feelings of sadness, crying, irritability, difficulty sleeping, appetite changes, constant worry, racing thoughts, feeling as though something bad is going to happen, feeling like a bad mom and not bonding with your baby are all symptoms. These symptoms are serious, but this is treatable with professional help. The sooner you ask for help, the sooner you will begin to feel better. Considering attending a support group for woman with a Perinatal Mood Disorder is a good way to begin your path of recovery.

Perinatal Mood Disorder Support Group at Good Samaritan

Mother’s Circle of Hope Support Group
Good Samaritan is proud to offer a free, 8 week support group for women experiencing depression or anxiety during pregnancy or after birth. It meets once a week to provide emotional support, camaraderie and education to women in the community. Also, FREE hospital- based perinatal mood disorder support group offered on the south shore of Suffolk County.

Please call (631) 376-HOPE or e-mail circleofhope@chsli.org, if you would like to register or learn more about the Mother’s Circle of Hope

Pregnancy Loss
Living through the process of grief is a natural, though, painful experience; the best thing to do is to allow grief.

Bereavement services are offered at Good Samaritan Hospital include:

• Gabriel’s Courage, Perinatal Comfort Support for Families (offered in Spanish as well): In- utero Hospice (Palliative Care for the Imperiled newborn with a  life-limiting diagnosis)
• Gabriel’s Courage- for the physician and referral community
• Emily’s Gift (Every Moment I Love You Still) A dignified communal burial program for losses under 20 weeks to respect the sanctity of life.

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