Long Island Baby - Preparing for the Hospital

Preparing for the Hospital

We have some important tips for expecting moms to make your trip to the hospital seamless. 

Mothers and babies are usually not in the hospital very long after birth. After a vaginal delivery you will be able to go home on the second day and if you have a C-Section, you will be able to go home on the third day.

Preadmission to the hospital

Make your maternity experience as easy as possible–complete the pre-admission registration form for either of your hospital at the mid-point of your pregnancy (about 20 weeks). Maternity pre-readmission forms can be obtained from your Obstetrician’s office or by calling the Admitting Department at (631)-365-4010.

Admission information

• Important Note: When coming in to the hospital, please bring photo ID and insurance card

What to bring

Preparing for the hospital can be both exciting and stressful. We recommend packing a suitcase four weeks in advance of your due date to ensure you are ready to go should your baby decide to come a little early.  Here’s a list of items we suggest you bring with you to the hospital, but leave in your car:

• Photo ID and insurance card
• Toiletries: Toothbrush and toothpaste, lip balm, deodorant, comb or brush, make-up, hair tie, etc.
• Two or three nightgowns and a bathrobe (nightgowns can get messy after birth)
• Going home outfit
• Nursing Pads
• Underwear
• Slippers or socks
• Shower shoes/ flip-flops
• Baby book
• Something to read or watch
• Camera
• Friends and family phone list
• Snacks for your support person
• New York State Law requires a protective car seat for all infants
• Pack your baby’s clothes and let your family bring those things on the day you are going home.

Put these things in the baby's suitcase:

• Diapers or cloth diapers, fasteners and accessories
• An undershirt and an outfit for the baby to wear home, including a sweater and hat
• A light (receiving) blanket and a heavy baby blanket if it is cold outside
• Pediatrician's name and phone number

What shouldn't I bring to the hospital?

Do NOT bring jewelry, credit cards, or a lot of cash with you. There might not be a safe place to keep these items and the hospital will not accept responsibility if they are lost or stolen.

When should you go to the hospital?
1. Progressive contractions in which you can no longer walk or talk through pain (increasing in intensity and coming every 5-10 min)
2. Your “ water bag” has broken ( this may appear clear or greenish/brown fluid)
3. Vaginal Bleeding

Only eat light, healthy snacks if you think you are in labor. If you are scheduled for a cesarean birth please arrive 2 hours before the scheduled section time given to you at pre- surgical testing or your OB’s office. DO NOT EAT OR DRINK ANYTHING for at least 6 hours prior to your arrival.

Discharge from the mother- baby unit after you deliver is 11:00 am. Please arrange to have your partner pick you up at that time. On average you can expect to go home after a two night stay for a vaginal and after three or four nights for a cesarean section.

Pain Relief Options
Each woman’s labor is unique. The amount of pain a woman feels may differ from that of other woman and from previous births. Be prepared to be flexible. Don’t be afraid to ask for pain relief if you need it. It is still “natural” childbirth no matter what option you choose. You will meet an anesthesiologist who can help with these decisions. They are in the Birth Suite 24/7.

1. Relaxation techniques: (listening to music, having a gentle massage, sit in the chair, roll on a birthing ball, change positons, breathing exercises, aromatherapy)

2. Pain – relieving drugs
• Regional Anesthetics ( epidural block and spinals)
• Systemic analgesics/ Narcotics

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