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Kids Bill of Rights

I have the right to be treated as an important human being, with unique feelings and wishes.

Please knock on my door before entering. 

Please call me by my name, tell me who you are and why you are here.

Please look at me and talk to me in a way I can understand.

Please remember to listen when I have something to say or ask.

Please let me know that it is OK to cry, complain, or to let people know how I feel, even if I am sad, mad, scared, or lonely.

Please respect my culture, my religion, and my language.


I have the right to participate in my health care experience.

Please tell me what is going to happen before you do it and tell me how it will feel.

Please don't tell me "It won't hurt" if it will. 

Please give me choices when you can, as long as it does not interfere with the quality of my care. Let me choose where I want to have a shot or which ear will be looked at first, or let me pick the Band-Aid. 

Please help prepare me for my medical care so my family and I are less stressed. If we all feel less anxious, it will help me a lot.

Please remember that my illness is confidential to my family, to me, and to the people caring for me.

Please help me to have someone who speaks my language so my family and I understand what is happening. If someone isn’t available, help my family to find someone who can help.


I have the right to be as comfortable and pain free as possible.

Please assist me with pain management in ways that help my pain the most.

Please remember that you can help my family and me in simple ways that can sometimes make me more comfortable. Blowing bubbles for special breathing or a toy to distract me may help me to cope. 

The people I know and love help me to relax and feel safe and comfortable. Whenever possible, I prefer to have a parent or supportive adult stay with me during exams and procedures. 


I have the right to be a child.

Please remember that I like to play, rest and learn. I need  to have as normal a schedule as possible, with uninterrupted sleep, quiet times and activities I enjoy. 

Please remember that I deserve to receive praise for going through difficult situations.

No matter what, I deserve a smile and loving care.