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Hand Washing and Isolation Precautions



Always Remember—Wash Your Hands With Soap and Water When You Enter and Leave Your Child's Room

Please make sure that all visitors wash their hands with soap and water before they visit with your child.  Ask them to wash again before they leave your child’s room.

There is a soap dispenser and a hand sanitizer dispenser in each room.


If Your Child Has Been Placed on Isolation Precautions

You Must Take Special Care to Stop the Spread of Infection

You may need to wear a gown, mask and/or gloves to protect you, your family and the other children and families on the unit. Your nurse will guide you.

Before you leave a patient’s room, you must place your gown in the linen cart. Mask and/or gloves should be discarded in the wastebasket.

Only immediate family should visit during the first days of a contagious illness. Ask a nurse or doctor about visitors, if you are not sure.


Please Protect Younger Children from Infection

No children under 12 years of age are allowed to visit a patient on isolation precautions.

Please Protect Children and Family at Home

We recommend that any items you bring from home to an isolation room should be washable. Toys should be made of plastic.

You should wipe plastic items with special cleaning cloths before you take them home.

Put blankets and used clothes in a plastic bag. When you get home, wash them right away.