Shaping the Future of Health Care on Long Island

The parable of the Good Samaritan, the ultimate story of a neighbor helping another, has been the foundation of Good Samaritan Hospital Medical Center. It speaks to the mission of caring for and partnering with the neighbors of West Islip, as well as the rest of the south shore.

To be a reliable neighbor, Good Samaritan must continue to provide the highest level of health care, offer the communities on the south shore new award-winning programs and realign to become an increasing resilient facility when faced with powerful storms, natural disasters and other hazardous events. Sweeping changes in health care over the past ten years have prompted Good Samaritan to plan more than ten years forward to develop medical programs that can serve the needs of our community well into the future. An advanced Medical Center, breakthrough technology and state-of-the-art facility also provides the tools to continue to attract physicians, nurses and other health professionals to live and work here on Long Island.

Emergency Department Enhancements

THE GOOD SAMARITAN EMERGENCY DEPARTMENT is often the first point of contact for both adults and children throughout Suffolk County in need of health care, seeing nearly 89,000 patients a year. With an unmatched level of services, including the only Verified Level 2 Trauma Center for both Adults and Pediatrics on the south shore of Long Island, it is not surprising that this volume represents the second highest amount of emergency department visits in Suffolk County. With such a high demand for emergency services, supported by Good Samaritan, the community and the health care professionals that serve them, deserve the best medical experience possible.

A need exists to enhance Good Samaritan’s Emergency Department, creating a completely separate experience for pediatric patients and their families, and eventually, providing a larger state-of-the-art facility. A redesign of the Emergency Department will allow for better patient flow and a more distinct separation between the pediatric and adult waiting and treatment areas. Emergency treatment bays will be developed to alleviate overcrowding and provide a safe and secure environment for patients and their families. This enhanced Emergency Department will act as a bridge to a larger modernization project — the Patient Care Pavilion.

Emergency Department - Click for more information

Emrgency Department
Emergency Department

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Pediatric Emergency Department - Click for more information

Pediatric Emergency Department JPG
Pediatric Emergency Department JPG

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Patient Care Pavilion

TO BETTER SHAPE THE FUTURE of health care, Good Samaritan has developed plans for a Patient Care Pavilion providing health care solutions for the growing population on the south shore. This option was based off of data from a number of different sources, including a needs assessment that also identified many challenges related to the current campus facility, a long term and capacity analysis report from Kaufman Hall (a third party consultant specializing in health care) conceptualizing how a future health care facility should be structured, overall facility priorities, community needs and the current costs for construction. The total number of beds provided by Good Samaritan will not increase. Instead, it will remain 437 and stay current with the advancements in medical technology, insuring a wide variety of benefits to the residents of the south shore.

Patient Care Pavilion
Patient Care Pavilion

The Patient Care Pavilion will be a new four-story addition with construction beginning at a time to-be-determined between 2021 and 2022 that will include:

  • An enhanced emergency department, allowing Good Samaritan to care for the nearly 89,000 visits by local community residents every year—consistently the second highest in Suffolk County
  • A larger surgical suite, which will include an additional 16 operating rooms, a new perioperative area and sterile processing and support—required due to the continued move toward more minimally invasive and outpatient surgical procedures
  • A private medical surgical unit featuring 42 single patient rooms, increasing the number of private rooms to 30% throughout the campus

Many initial steps have been taken to assist in the development of the Patient Care Pavilion, including:

  • Parking and traffic studies
  • Length of Stay reductions and the development of a central command center to assist with patient flow
  • Conversations with the Town of Islip on overall needs of the community
  • Conversations with local resident organizations throughout West Islip for feedback

Click here for more information on the current and future state of Good Samaritan.

Hazard Mitigation Grants/FEMA Projects

Flood Map
Flood Map

AFTER A WAVE OF POWERFUL STORMS have battered Long Island over the past decade, it became apparent to all residents that upgrades to homes and property were needed to ensure safety in the event of a disaster. Good Samaritan, as a health care resource for more than a million residents on the south shore of Suffolk County, also reviewed its campus to determine the best approach to storm and disaster preparedness. Working with the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), the Medical Center has developed projects to allow continued hospital operation during a weather emergency or recovery from a major weather event. This includes:

  • A generator replacement for Our Lady of Consolation
  • The consolidation and raising of Good Samaritan Hospital Medical Center’s current generators
  • A flood mitigation plan for both facilities

Click here for more information on Good Samaritan's FEMA projects.

Questions, feedback or comments related to any of Good Samaritan's plans for modernization? Please click here.

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