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Educational Activities

Educational Activities

1.    Weekly gynecologic oncology didactic lectures scheduled on Fridays. Didactic lectures include outside speakers as well as GYN-oncology faculty and fellows to give lectures on various topics. Examples include lectures on radiation oncology, intensive care, cardiac evaluation, infectious diseases, and specific gynecological cancer topics (e.g., chemotherapy for cervical cancer), etc.

2.    Weekly Wednesday afternoon GYN conference after office patients. At this meeting, all patients that received chemotherapy in the past week are reviewed, and teaching on chemotherapy occurs. In addition, all patients scheduled for surgery in the coming week are presented and pre-operative discussions and teaching occurs. These include, but not limited to, indications and rationale for surgery, expected outcomes from the surgery, potential risks, and alternative strategies

3.    Every third Friday morning multidisciplinary tumor board on: pathology, radiation, radiology departments present.

4.    Every second Friday morning of the month Chairman Rounds and statistics. Gynecological cases over the past 3 weeks are reviewed and discussed.

5.    First Thursday of each month morbidity and mortality lectures with department of obstetrics/gynecology.

6.    Monthly Fellow’s Journal Club—occurs on Friday mornings during protected teaching time. Led and organized by the fellows under the supervision of the Program Director, current or classic journal articles relevant to the practice of GYN Oncology are presented and discussed in a critical manner.