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Children with Special Needs

The medical environment is anxiety producing for all children but especially for children with sensitivities to new environments, behavior and transitioning. At Good Samaritan we do our best to practice family centered care. Family centered care is a partnership with you based on the fact that you are the constant in your child’s life. We welcome your insight into your child’s care and coping needs at all times. Please tell us how we can help as a medical team. You know what sights and sounds are soothing and how your child best receives important information. We invite you to call the child life team and tell us in advance what your child needs to make a health care experience easier. If your hospitalization is planned, please contact us and ask us for help. Plan a visit for your special needs child, including a preparation visit to the hospital or helping you to prepare a picture preparation book for your child. 

What does a Child Life Specialist Do?

The Child Life Playroom and Garden

Tips for an Inpatient Stay at the Hospital

Helping Kids Cope

A Visit to the Pediatric Emergency Room

Preparation Tips by Developmental Age

Preparation for Surgery 

Helping During Outpatient Procedures

After a Visit to the Hospital


Books and Websites for Kids and Families

Ways to Give and Volunteer