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Books and Websites for Kids and Families

Important! Always read a book first before reading to a child. Check that the story is similar to what your child will experience. For example, many stories say that a parent will leave a child to sleep alone in the hospital overnight. In most cases, parents are always encouraged to sleep overnight in their child’s room. If you will sleep overnight with your child, or if your child will not sleep in the hospital, it is okay to change the story to fit your child’s experience, or to tell a child how their experience will be different.

Bailey, D. The Hospital. Annick Press, 2000

Barney: Let's Go Visit The Doctor. Scholastic, 2008

Beinstein, P. Say "Ahhh!": Dora Goes to the Doctor (Dora the Explorer) Simon Spotlight/Nickelodeon, 2008

Beylon, C.  At the Hospital (Dover Coloring Books) Dover Press, 2003

Bond, M. Paddington Bear Goes to the Hospital, HarperCollins, 2001

Bridwell, N. Clifford Visits the Hospital. New York: Scholastic Inc., 2011 (Also Clifford Visita El Hospital, 2000)

Blevins, W. The Vet’s Visit. New York: Scholastic Inc.,2002   (Clifford visits the vet!)

Bourgeois, P. Jennings, S. & Clark, B. Franklin Goes to the Hospital. Scholastic, 2000

Cole, J. My Friend the Doctor.  New York: Harper Collins, Inc. 2005

Cole, J. You were Inside Mommy. New York: Harper Collins, Inc. 2001

Cole, J. I’m a Big Brother. New York: Harper Collins, Inc. 2004

Cole, J. I’m a Big Sister. New York: Harper Collins, Inc. 2004

Cork, B. Katie Goes to the Hospital. 2002

Dooley, V. Tubes in My Ears: My Trip to the Hospital. Mondo Publishing, 1996.

Duncan, D. When Molly was in the Hospital: A Book for Brothers and Sisters, Rayve Productions, Inc, 1994

Freeman, D. & McCue, L. Courduroy Goes to the Doctor. New York: Viking Children’s Books, 2005.

Fremont, E.  A Visit to the Dentist (Little Bill). Simon Spotlight/Nickelodeon, 2002

Hatkoff, J.L. Good-Bye Tonsils! Penguin Group Penguin Putnam Books forYoung Readers,2001.

Hunter, R.  My First Visit to Hospital (First Times) Evans Brother, LTD. 2010 (This book, written in England, has good illustrations and some words that are purely English.)

Lansky, V. Koko Bears Big Earache. Lansky/Farrel Book Peddlers, 1987

Mayer, M.  Little Critter: My Trip to the Hospital. HarperCollins, 2005

Murkoff, H. What to Expect When You Go to the Doctor, New York: Harper Collins, Inc. 2002

Murkoff, H. What to Expect When you go to the Dentist, New York: Harper Collins, Inc. 2002

Brazelton, T. Berry. Going to the Doctor. Perseus Printing, 1996.

Larsen, M. Barney and Baby Bop Go to the Doctor. Texas: Barney Publishing, 1997.

Rey, M. Curious George Goes to the Hospital. Houghton Mifflin Company. 1966, 1994.

Rogers, F. Going to the Hospital (First Experiences). Family Communications, 1997

Zoehfeld, K.W. Pooh Plays Doctor. Disney Enterprises, 1997.

Zonta, P. Jessica’s X-Ray. Firefly Books. 2002

WEBSITE FOR KIDS HEALTH ISSUES: explains medical issues, illness and how the body works in language meant for kids, teen and parents. Site is monitored by MD’s. is a safe learning tool for kids that has a big chapter on how the body works.