Bariatric Surgery Support Group Meeting Format

The purpose of the group is for the members to be able to help each other and in the process learn for themselves how to use the surgery successfully.  Each member is encouraged to participate in the group discussion for their own benefit and the benefit of the group.  We have found that consistent use of this format keeps meetings focused on Bariatrics, reinforces our program and encourages unity.  It also provides a reassuring feeling of continuity - an important factor in membership retention.


1.      We welcome you to the Bariatric Support Group meeting (day and time).

2.      We introduce the facilitators of the Bariatric Support Group.  The facilitators consist of the Bariatric Coordinator and volunteer Social Worker.

3.      We ask that you be on time for the Bariatric Support Group.


1.      Monday evening support group:  The first hour is used as an informative discussion session for our pre-op and our post op patients in reference to post surgical issues. Please save your pre-operative questions for the last half hour.  Tuesday format is similar in a shorter time frame.

2.      During this time, the group facilitator will enhance this discussion.

3.      Each member will introduce himself or herself by letting us know their first name, and give a brief synopsis of their story.

4.      We pass the Attendance Record around and ask members to sign their names.  We ask all members to include their phone numbers should we need to get in touch with them.

5.      At the end of the first hour, the group facilitator(s) announces that the last half-hour will be used to review or further educate the pre-op patients (If the conversation has not already continued in this way).  During this time, post-op patients are encouraged to stay and continue further discussion.

Group Rules

1.      We ask everyone to respect our group format.  We ask that everyone listen to everyone who is speaking.  The chair for each meeting has the discretion to suggest to anyone sharing that he or she is off topic or is speaking too long, and will ask you to accept this suggestion in order to keep the meeting on track.

2.      Before you change a topic, please ask the group if there is anyone who still has comments on an existing topic. 

3.      Please raise your hand to speak.  Please do not call out or interrupt someone speaking. 

4.      Please do not engage in side conversations while group is in progress.  It is important for you and others hear what the group is speaking about. 

5.      Please remember that our commitment is to honor each other’s privacy.  What you see here, whom you see here, when you leave here, let it stay here.

6.      Please turn off all cell phones or put them on vibrate. 

7.      If there are any questions or concerns members are encouraged to call the Bariatric Coordinator at 631 – 376 – 3697.

*The Bariatric Support Group is made up of individuals who through shared experiences, strength and hope, are dealing with a metabolic disorder.  We welcome everyone into this process.  There are no dues or fees to our members as we are sponsored by Good Samaritan Hospital Medical Center.  If you should need further support, please use the reference material provided to contact outside resources.