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Ambulatory Surgery Unit (ASU)


In November 1999, a brand new, modernized Ambulatory Surgery Unit (ASU) was opened on the second floor of a newly constructed building on Beach Drive. This facility is comprised of a family waiting room and registration area as the beginning of the circular layout that brings the patient through the department. Patients are admitted to one of the eight beds, after which they are taken to either one of the four operating rooms or the Pain Management Suite. The Ambulatory Surgery Unit South is currently admitting pediatric patients of all ages specifically for ENT procedures. After the procedure, the patient recovers in the Post Anesthesia Care Unit and then returns to the Ambulatory Surgery Unit for discharge home.

In addition to surgical patients, state-of-the-art pain management procedures are offered and performed by physician pain specialists. Working with a specially trained nursing staff, the Pain Management Suite offers a full complement of options tailored to the individual needs of the patient.

In ASU North, services have been expanded to accommodate special procedures, including radiology, blood transfusion and other infusion patients. In addition to adult surgical patients, pediatric surgical patients are admitted and recovered by ASU. The Endoscopy Unit, located in ASU North, also offers gastroenterologists and specially trained pediatric sedation nurses.

For more information, call (631) 376-4155 or the Physician and Health Referral Line (631) 376-4444.