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RCA Access for Attending Physicians

RCA (Remote Chart Access) is designed to allow the physician community to be able to view Emergency Department charts from any Catholic Health computer as well as from the remote (token) access provided by medical affairs. The token allows you access to CHS applications from your home or office. The following are ways to open RCA:

From any Catholic Health computer use the CHS Intranet and type “gsha4” in the explorer address bar:




From Physician Portal use the link:




From inside physician portal on the miscellaneous tab:




From the Extranet (Token) use the link:




The Login screen will appear as follows:





To login you will use your network (Portal) user ID. Use this as both your User ID and password for this login. Please type the password line in all CAPITAL letters. If this does not work try lower case letters. If neither of these work please call Piotr Papuzinski at 376-3537 during business hours.


Once you have logged in the first thing you should do is change your password. To do this click on the preferences key on the left hand side of the screen.





The change password link will then appear. Click on the change password link and you should see this screen:






Please type your choice of password in both lines and click okay. Use the following set of rules:






This will take effect for the next time you login. Once you have changed your password you are ready to review charts. Click on the  button.

The screen should already have a list of patients that are relevant to you. It’s important to note that this list is generated by the patients that claim to have you as their primary doctor.




You can view the chart of anyone of these patients simply by clicking their name. Once you click on their name the following screen will appear:



Be sure to choose the right encounter date from the list by clicking on it. Use the desktop button when you are done reviewing to return to the patient list.

To add a patient to the list use the following steps:

1. Click on advanced search.

2. Search by any of the available fields:

3. Your search results will appear below the fields. Click the add button to add the patient to your desktop. Use the desktop button to return to the patient list. Use the review procedure from the previous steps.

4. You can remove Looked Up Patients from your list using the looked up tab in the advanced search screen.

It’s that simple!!

RCA offers the additional feature of alerting you by e-mail that a patient was seen and released form the ED. Please contact either Curt Cicotte RN or Dr. Piotr Papuzinski to enable this feature for you. You can also email for questions or concerns: or .

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